Monday, August 3, 2009

Lip piercing?

How bad does it hurt to get a lip piercing? And does it leave a bad scar if I decide to take it out? Details Plz...
Lip piercing?
it shouldnt be unbearably hurtful, but everyone is different.

it also shouldnt leave a big scar
Lip piercing?
when i had my lip pierced it dident hurt a huge amount it was almost like ear piercing. and it shouldn't leave a huge scare but i wouldn't take mine out i like it to much. haha.

hope i helped.


My skin is really sunburned, How can i make it stop hurting?

I layed out in my pool all day and now i am extremely sun burned how can i calm it...i have tried anti-itch and aloe vera...any thing else??
My skin is really sunburned, How can i make it stop hurting?
try using some cooling lotion
My skin is really sunburned, How can i make it stop hurting?
Reply:when i'm sunburnt i usually just soak in a warm bath.

but don't irrate it with loads of products. it'll just make it worse.
Reply:sour cream!!!!
Reply:try eucerin anti redness cream. it takes away the feeling, and it calms the redness. its a little pricey[$15] but it works!

hope this helpd you as much as it did me.

Reply:Only natural aloe from an aloe plant. Keep moisturizer on your skin your going to be totally miserable and will pay for the damage you done to your skin.

There is no other way around it now.

Reply:a cool compress with a very soft cloth. Take a white cotton t-shirt, soak it in cool water and lightly drape it over your skin. Keep it wet and cool. You have a 2nd degree burn (once you turn red - it's 2nd degree). Call the pharmacy for advice since there are products over the counter to relieve the pain.
Reply:Apply Aloe Vera gel. Go to Walmart or Pharmacy and buy a can of Bag Balm. Its used for cows but does wonders on sunburns.


it burns but it will help so much.
Reply:I always just put on more sunscreen, it seems to help, even if you're not in the sun...
Reply:use aloe vera cooling gel......or use the real aloe plant...if u can get it...but if it starts to itch...wash it off,,,it means ur alergic 2 it...or skin moisturizer(lotion)...or just wait it
Reply:If you go to the nearest pharmacy you could ask the pharmacist for an over the counter solution for the burning of your skin. There is also a medication that is used for real burn victims called silvadene, but you will need a prescription for it. It works the best. I also lay out alot and my first time in the sun for the start of summer always ends in a burn. Good luck with the pain. I am sure you will look great once the hurting stops.
Reply:Aloe + sitting in front of a blowing fan. And keep re-applying the aloe. Water/soaking/tubs is only going to make your skin dry out more.

Take a pain killer too.
Reply:Hey im representing teenage cancer trust and its my job to make sure you don鈥檛 get burnt like Denise Van Outen in the papers the other day!! Not only is it embarrassing it can also make you develop skin cancer, which is not a good thing. I used to think that if I don鈥檛 wear sun cream then I wouldn鈥檛 tan but that is not the case. Sign up now to a free texting service, which will tell you when you need to be, wearing sun cream visit or text shun to 8023. Why risk getting burnt when you can avoid it by simply a text!!!

Should I get my belly button pierced?

I was just wondering - what are the odds of rejection or infection on that area of the body?

I don't normally have a lot of luck with piercings as infection is never far away. I had my cartilidge pierced a couple of years ago and that was very risky - and very painful.

I'm presuming belly buttons would be far different as it's all skin, what would you say?
Should I get my belly button pierced?
you get an infection no matter what. it hurts like hell and takes forever to go away.
Should I get my belly button pierced?
it really hurts, i had it done and mine just grew itself out and now i have a noticable scar :l totally not worth it

my mother had it done and hers also rejected twice

but my sisters got it done and its satyd in, she does however get an infection in it from time to time

Long-lasting pubic shave?

I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get a longer lasting shave, if I shave I have to end up shaving a day or two afterwards and it's getting a bit ridiculous. Any creams I can use or a better razor? I use Venus Gillette and Schick Silk Effects Plus but the Schick just makes my pubic area irritated no matter how fresh the razor is.
Long-lasting pubic shave?
Theres nothing you can do about the time between shaving no matter what razor you use, but you can get either laser treament to keep the hair off for a long period of time, or you can even just get waxed. Waxing gets the hair from its root so it takes a little longer for it to grow back.
Long-lasting pubic shave?
Why not just have it waxed. It lasts longer and there is less irritation and risk of infection from a follicle.

Does anybody know where i can get a picture of her tattoo?

i've been trying to search for a picture of persia whites tattoo (the one she has around her waist). i've only found picture of pieces of it but never a complete front or back view. does anybody know where i can get a picture of it or something similiar or even a sketch?
Does anybody know where i can get a picture of her tattoo?

That's the best pic I found
Does anybody know where i can get a picture of her tattoo?
Why would you want anothers tattoo?

I say you come up w/ one yourself.


After i steam my face what should i do to get rid of a whitehead?

I asked how to get rid of a whitehead and someone said to steam my face to unclog to pores. if i steam my face what should i do atferwards to get rid of a whitehead?

p.s i have tried to break the skin, but it hurt to much and it didn't break...i put toothpaste on it and a proactive facial mask to dry it out, that didn't even work so now i am so extremely frusterated! please help me!
After i steam my face what should i do to get rid of a whitehead?
get some scizzors. Some sharp scizzors.
After i steam my face what should i do to get rid of a whitehead?
Well, u can ty popping it but tht could end up scarring it. other than that leave it alone. but btw after you steam ur face u HAVE to put cold water on ur face to close ur pores. if you don't then ur pores are left open and they can easily be clogged producing more acne
Reply:Follow these remedies in case you suffer from frequent whiteheads. Mix Cornstarch With Vinegar, make a paste and apply on the area for 15-30 minutes, wash off with washcloth and warm water, this helps to get rid whiteheads. Used green tea can be utilized by scrubbing your face with it. Do it twice a week and see the difference. Check out for more useful info on whiteheads.

If your white can you still get a tear tattoo?

I got two dead friends so i'm lookin' to get two tears in memory of them. I look white because my mom is white but my dad is German. So could I get the tear tattoos?
If your white can you still get a tear tattoo?
A tattoo on your face= never get hired.
If your white can you still get a tear tattoo?
I don't think it matters if it means something to you then go for it
Reply:tear tattoos are most associated with being in prison. i would not get a tear tattoo. try instead a memorial tattoo on your upper arm.
Reply:Go right ahead. You will be a target for any black gang member who crosses your path.

You will never get hired by any respectable establishment.

Also, the tear tattoo is an indicator of people you have killed, not friends that have died.
Reply:tears usually mean you have killed someone i think. im not sure though.. i wouldnt get it on ur face.
Reply:Tears can mean a lot of things, rarely anything that isn't unsavory.

It most often indicates murder, loss of time spent in prison, or loss of a friend to murders.

It is generally very, very unwise.
Reply:Research the tear drop. In some citys tear drop= gang member. I say don't do it.
Reply:Tears are 4 years in prison. That's not a feature most people would like to broadcast often. But hey, do what you do!
Reply:yes u can get a tear tattoo. But a tear tattoo represents that you killed someone, not that your also lowers your chances of getting a job since its noticable.

I suggest getting 2 little tear drops ony our shoulder blade if you really want to get them done.
Reply:A tear tattoo means that you have killed someone. Has nothing to do with race.

Don't get anything tattooed on your face. Think of the future.

You can have memory tats of your friends elsewhere = ) It's nice that you want to.
Reply:A tear tattoo means that you are in the LA based street gang "Bloods"